We’ve just launched bookings on Outline. For now, we’ve started with flash bookings only (these are tattoo designs already sketched by our artists), but support for custom bookings will be launching sometime next month.

Launching bookings almost feels like we’re launching Outline for the first time. While two of us (Oz and Jack) first created a service for tattoo inspiration over 18 months ago , we now have a team of 4 (with Loick and Tony joining), and have a more substantial offering for the full tattoo process — get inspired, find an artist and design, make a booking, get tattooed.

Loick, Tony, Oz, and Jack

We gathered 4 brilliant artists working in London for our Flash Party event earlier this month — and it’s their incredible collection of flash we’re launching with. From today we will continue to add our favourite artists in London, and then move onto the rest of the UK in the future.

How do flash bookings work on Outline?

  1. Browse and pick a tattoo design
    From our featured collection of artists
  2. Make your booking request & payment
    Request exactly what you want, and where on your body it should go.
  3. Agree a date, fully confirm booking
    Discuss details over Outline with your artist, confirming a time & date. If a date is not agreed within a week, your payment will automatically be refunded.

Tattoos may be painful, but booking an artist shouldn’t be

We’re making tattoo bookings and artist discovery as simple as a haircut.

👉 Choose a flash tattoo today